The first thing you see, on entering the newly renovated Pafuri Camp, is the beautiful, winding Luvuvhu River on which the lodge nests. The floods of 2013 did much damage but now the five-star, luxury tented lodge, has been transformed to its former glory by new owners – Return Africa.

I loved the touches of yellow in the cushions and other decor, dotted here and there, a nice contrast with the khaki of the bush.

The rooms are big and bright with broad balconies and plump king-sized beds. With just green gauze between us and nature the outside noises seemed amplified in the stillness of the hot afternoon.

- Sonja


What a big thank you to everyone involved on the hike that we had. It was definitely the most awesome experience. Our guides Sarah and Devon were outstanding and were very much in touch with what the party's needs were. A big thank you to them.

- Patricia


Our walk was memorable an the camp site unforgettable. The food I was so worried about was mor ethan expected but most of all your staff on the trip is your biggest asset. Ellen and Wendy at the camp were efficient and truly great hosts. Our two guides, Sarah and Biff, were as good in the bush as any of the guides that we have encountered on our 18 walks in the Kruger, but what made them stand out from those was their attitude. Nothing was too much for them and they never stopped trying to bring different experiences to us.

- Johan


What a discovery, the Makuleke Concession and their story. Everybody I met was fabulous, warm and very knowledgeable. I am completely taken with Sarah and Biff, a treat to have such incredible women lead me on the trail.

- Dawn

Cape Town

There are very few lodges I have stayed in in Africa over the past 20 years that are as peaceful and intimate as Pafuri Camp. The reason for this is the people who work and live here. The managers and staff are so enamoured of the wildlife experience they share with you that you can’t help but be drawn into the mystical beauty of this hidden haven. From the majestic Limpopo to the fever tree forest, Pafuri Camp’s sand will forever remain between my toes.

- Victoria Macdonald