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    News from The Northern Kruger

Pafuri Walking Trails

Google Street View Pafuri Experience

Posted on Mon November 6, 2017 in RETURN News.
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A Long Way Coming

Posted by Alweet on Wed October 18, 2017 in RETURN Culture.

Sitting around the campfire with guests while they enjoy G+T’s after their first game drive is when I am almost always asked, “What made you decide to be a guide?” I am quick to respond that I didn’t decide to be a guide but rather that guiding found me, it sounds cliché. I didn’t even know that such a career even existed when I passed grade 12 in 1997. We lived fewer than 10 kilometres from the western border of the Kruger National Park and I had never experienced a game drive or even seen a nature guide; AKA Game Ranger.

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Where The Wild Things Are Pt.2

Posted by Anastasia on Mon September 4, 2017 in RETURN Wildlife.
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RETURNPafuri in SA Country Life magazine

Posted on Sun April 12, 2015.

SA Country Life magazine featured a fantastic article on the Pafuri Walking Trails in their May 2015 issue.

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