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A collection of blog posts inspired by the Northern Kruger.

Guides Sightings Report September 2017

Posted on Tue October 3, 2017.

RETURNAfrica's Head Guide, Sarah Nurse reports on her wildlife sightings in September.

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Walking With Wildlife

Posted on Thu September 21, 2017.

AUGUST 2, 2017
Return Africa, Pafuri, Kruger National park
Written by Garth Kingwill
Ranger Diaries

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Guide Sighting Report August '17

Posted on Thu September 7, 2017.

As we begin our last month of our winter, it is still cold in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. This is typical weather at this time of the year. Sightings have been excellent and we have really enjoyed watching all that the Luvuvhu River brings right to our doorstep.

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Where The Wild Things Are Pt.2

Posted by Anastasia on Mon September 4, 2017 in RETURN Wildlife.
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Guides Sightings Report July 2017

Posted on Mon August 21, 2017.

July has got to be one of my favorite months in Pafuri! The early morning and nights are cold and you are able to snuggle up on drives and in your warm bed at night with hot water bottles. The days are lovely and hot; it’s perfect shorts and t-shirt weather. Hard to believe it’s what we call “winter” up north.

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