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A collection of blog posts inspired by the Northern Kruger.

Birding in Pafuri

Posted by Godfrey on Mon April 9, 2018 in RETURN Wildlife.

Summer has come and gone, and with so our summer visitor’s birds. As we start approaching a new season, most of the local summer visitors are getting ready for a long journey. I can hardly hear the call of the Woodland Kingfisher and the Broad-billed Roller, not to mention the Red-backed Shrike and a few others like the Cuckoos, this made me realise that the new season is coming.

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Guides Sighting Report December 2017

Posted on Tue January 16, 2018.

Happy New Years!!!

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A Trail in The Makuleke Contract Park

Posted on Tue December 12, 2017.

15th – 19th October 2017

It was after a couple of bottles of good wine over a dinner that this all started. The girls were saying that they were keen for an adventure and one of the party had recently been on a game trail.

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Guides Sightings Report October 2017

Posted on Mon November 13, 2017.

October has been a great month in Pafuri! The final month of trails season, although hot, were a huge success. With our trails camps situated along the Luvuvhu, and many of the larger pans still containing water, whether out on walks or just relaxing in camp, there was game all around

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Google Street View Pafuri Experience

Posted on Mon November 6, 2017 in RETURN News.
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