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A collection of blog posts inspired by the Northern Kruger.

Tropical Days

Posted on Tue February 5, 2019.

At 22 degrees from the equator, time behaves in strange ways. But everyone agrees on the finest hour.

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Bush Breakfasts at Pafuri Camp

Posted on Mon January 14, 2019.

At RETURNAfrica we welcome guests from all over the world, excited to share this beautiful part of South Africa in the north of the Kruger with them. We pride ourselves with what we have on offer. Including our luxury designer accommodation, Pafuri Camp, our rustic accommodation for the more adventurous wishing to see nature on foot, the Pafuri Walking Trails, our flexible option, Baobab Hill Bush House, the landscape, activity and views!

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The Sounds of Owls

Posted on Wed January 2, 2019.

I thought I knew the sound of owls.
That’s until encountering the giants of the family in the Kruger.

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Time to Break Camp

Posted on Thu December 20, 2018.

December is a time of change here in Pafuri, as the seasonal fly camp is returned to nature.

The Hutwini trails camp is our forward base for walkers throughout the dry months. But nature likes to remind us that the place is not really ours, just a space we share for a time. Nyala are permanent residents, browsing the understorey all day. Elephants love the fruit pods from the ana tree branches that arc over the tents. Even leopards like to assert their natural right of way from time to time, by day and night.

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First Contact: Wilderness Greenshoots

Posted on Mon November 12, 2018.

RETURNAfrica is working alongside Discovery Trails to give our wildlife champions of the future a gripping introduction to the wilderness.

What do you remember about that first time, way back then, when a wild area greeted you? A wild African area, with its pulsing mosaic of animals, birds and landscapes? When you hear that call again, after all these years, does it all come flooding back? Did the initial encounter change how you think and feel about life on earth, about your life on earth?

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