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A collection of blog posts inspired by the Northern Kruger.

Pafuri Camp – Kruger National Park: An Untouched African Wilderness

Posted on Mon May 30, 2016.

The expansive wilderness of the Kruger Park holds an elevated place in the hearts of all who have been there. Being able to fly in to the reserve provides a spectacular perspective of an unspoilt land before man. Text: Graeme Wuth

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Village people:The cross-border cultural festival

Posted by Joel on Mon May 16, 2016 in RETURN Culture.

Crossing the Limpopo River into Zimbabwe on a transfrontier trail, wild meets some of Kruger's neighbours at the Shangaan Cultural Festival. the annual event symbolises the hope for crossborder tourism in this remote park of the park. By Joel Roerig

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Guide Profile: Elizabeth "Biff" Bruce

Posted on Thu April 28, 2016.

Elizabeth Bruce, known to all of us as Biff, is an exceptional field guide at Pafuri. She tells us why she loves the bush so much and how her passion encouraged her to become a superb trails guide.

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Experience Authentic Africa

Posted on Thu April 7, 2016.


A guide to what's on and what to do in Pafuri with RETURNAfrica. Whether you are looking for adventure, a family safari or to learn something new, Pafuri has everything to offer and more. Look out for the Elephant Experience and Birding Courses that will be run throughout the year.

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In Search of the Pafuri Female

Posted by Return Team on Wed March 9, 2016 in RETURN Wildlife.

She is elusive in the extreme. It can’t be helped – it’s in her nature. It is who she is. For those who have been visiting Pafuri for the past few years, she has become a mirage, a rumour, a beautiful part of a story that has become a myth – the details to be shared around a fire after a hearty meal with a starry sky for company. A bit of elaboration after a few cold beers and a long day in the sun, and she becomes a legend… but still very few have seen her.

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