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The Gutsy Girl Guide

Posted on Tue December 1, 2015.

Elizabeth the Aussie didn’t seem like much, but boy did Biff deliver

HERE were no kangaroos; not a kookaburra in sight — I was in the Kruger National Park, for crying out loud, so why did I feel like I was in the Australian Outback?

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Pafuri Camp. Looking to a New Era with RETURNAfrica.

Posted on Fri November 20, 2015.

Pafuri Collection. - Last month The Incidental Tourist travelled to the Kruger National Park’s Northern Makuleke Concession, visiting the Pafuri Camp before doing the four day Pafuri Walking Trail with RETURNAfrica Pafuri Collection.

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10 Reasons to Love Pafuri

Posted on Wed November 4, 2015.

There are so many reasons to love Pafuri, but here are 10 of our best – please send us yours via Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #MyPafuri.

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Elephants of Pafuri

Posted on Mon October 5, 2015.

There is an abundance of elephants in the Pafuri region on the Makuleke Contractual Park. We really love these beautiful, wise and sometimes clumsy creatures. Listen to what Godfrey has to say about our favourite big mammals.

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Heritage Month: A focus on Community Tourism

Posted on Sat September 19, 2015.

September is Heritage Month, and issues such as responsible tourism and community tourism are in the spotlight. In this interview, Peter John Massyn, CEO of RETURNAfrica, says the tourism industry needs to take a look at reinventing the entire concept of community tourism in Africa.

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